FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Buy?

1. Is there a weight limit on the CX seat?  How effective is it for heavier people?

Answer by Mark Ridder:
“Thank you for your inquiry about the user weight for the CX seat.  I, for instance, weigh in at 255 pounds and use either the CX or SL frequently and find both effective for me.  One of our users I know weighs in at a higher weight than I, although I do not know their exact weight.  My wife uses a CX and weighs over a hundred pounds less than I.  The versatility of the seat is owing to the foam density of the foundation.  The bottom layer is a dense foam for structure, while the upper layer is a less dense foam for comfort.  You are certainly welcome to place an order, try out the unit for yourself keeping it in the plastic sleeve in which it is enclosed to allow a thorough tryout.  If you find it does not suit your needs, then you may return it according to the Return Policy for refund.”

2. Are your seats made for large plus size bodies? Do they work for and fit comfortably a person that weighs 300-350 lbs.? What would you say is the weight limit for comfortable use? Comfortable use meaning that ones buttocks being large isn't being poked by harsh edges if they sit on one of your cushions. Do the features of the seat work on larger bodies? Do you have any plans to create a sciatica seat for larger folks in the future?

Answer by Mark Ridder:
Thank you for writing to ask about the weight limitations on the use of the seats.  I, for instance, am 255 lbs. and use the SL with great regularity.  I have used both the DL and CX on occasion both to look for the issues you present, and just because sometimes that is what is handy.  I have not had ill effect from using either of them, and the platform that would be of most interest to you in my usage would be the DL, because at 10 ¾ by 10 ¾ inches it is the smallest platform.  The 1st Generation SL and CX are both measured at 14 by 10 ¾ inches. The 2nd Generation SL and CX are both meatured at 12 ½ by 10 ¾ inches.   The 1st Generation topmost layer of the foam is a lesser density plant based foam layered on top of the structure providing lower portion, intended to provide comfort over structure.  The 2nd Generation topmost layer of foam is more than memory foam, it is Sciata® Foam.  You can see the design schematic on the Instructions for Use link at the top of the Store page.  The Troff™, our channel, in the seat common to all versions of the seat is designed to work for the coccyx to be suspended no matter the girth of the person.

One design concept I tried to stay with in the prototype phase was to remain within parameters that would fit on an airliner seat because in my prior life I had done so much traveling for business.  This is one reason you find our SL and CX dimensioned as they are.  You are welcome to order one and give it a try, knowing that you have the fifteen day window under the Return Policy found under a button on the bottom of the Store Page to get it back in the mail to us if it is not the right product for you.  I also invite you to telephone me, if you wish to talk about your concerns in making a decision whether to give Sciata® Seat a try.

3. I was very interested in ordering your cushion, but when I started to order there is no sign on the site that indicates the website is secure when I put my credit card info in.  Could you help me with this info?

When you enter the store, the website changes from an http:// connection to an https:// connection. Please notice the addition of an "s" to "http" (the "s" stands for "secure"). Your personal data (and your credit card data, which is not passed to us at all, but instead handled by a secure merchant gateway) is protected by a secure socket layer with encryption to prevent security issues. If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, you will see the padlock symbol just to the right of the URL window. Other browsers do not always display the padlock, but the "https" at the start of the web address is your assurance that the site is operating securely.

4. What is your phone number?         

Please fill out our contact form here: Contact Form

5. I was wondering if I could call and place my order with you.  I don't shop with my credit card online.  I can not find a phone number on your site.

We do not accept orders via telephone because it would mean people would desire to give us their personal information such as credit card numbers or bank account information for a direct draw.  For this reason we set up the website securely to prevent us from seeing the information, and take cards and PayPal.

If you really are wary of the credit card route.  We have processed orders on the basis of the receipt of a money order.  This way your information is not compromised and we feel safe as well.  If it sounds acceptable to you, feel free to give us a call.

6. I want to use my debit card and have it run as a debit card.  Why won’t your system allow this?

Our system is established through a banking relationship which is biased in favor of credit cards and does not allow debit card use.  If you wish to use your debit card and have a PayPal account, please click on the PayPal payment icon to place your order using your debit card.

7. May I send you my medical records so you can help me choose the right seat?

Please NEVER send us medical records.  Neither Inspri, LLC nor any of its members, officers, employees, or agents are educated or licensed in any jurisdiction to practice medicine.  You may decide to show our product information at www.insprico.com to your health care provider to obtain their advice whether to try one of our products.

8. Hi, I am thinking about ordering the Sciata® Seat but am interested in knowing the difference between the material of the blue and black seatcovers. I am looking to order the one that would be the most comfortable against the skin as I wear shorts a lot and I don't want a material that would be like a plastic! Could you please let me know the one that is the most comfortable fabric?

The Executive Black cover which comes on the seats so ordered is a ponte knit fabric, machine washable, and the seat cover I personally use all of the time.  The Regal Blue is a breathable rubberized fabric which will allow the skin to breath while not allowing fluids to pass, and it is wipable but not launderable, and, of course, it comes on seats so ordered.  The offer of extra covers made on the site is relevant to the folks who just want an extra cover.  The care tags for each seat cover come sewn into the zipper line just inside with the law tag.

9. Where is the cover shown on the large picture of the pillow in the car?  It looks like a grey tweed.  Also, if it is available, what type is it and the cost, please.

Bright sunlight made our black cover look gray on the date it was photographed.  We do, in fact, currently only offer the covers in the colors black and blue as are indicated on the Store page.  In future production of the covers, we may introduce other colors as demand and interest may dictate, and we very much do thank you for your interest in a grey tweed, were it among the colors offered.

10. I watched the video on your product and must say I would like to try the CX model of your cushion.  Is the cushion returnable if it does not successfully meet my needs? 

Thank you for your question about the CX model product.  The return policy is stated in the Terms and Conditions found on the Store page of the website, or on the Return Policy page.  I copy the pertinent paragraphs from our Terms and Conditions here:

"9. Return Policy. You may return, at your expense, a new unopened Product sold by Inspri, LLC within fifteen (15) days of delivery for a full refund. Due to the nature of the Product, this return policy is limited to the return of Product which is still in its original unopened Product packaging in new condition. No other return under this paragraph will be accepted.



Our process for sending the product is to package it in a plastic sleeve which you will be encouraged to leave on the product once you receive it so as to give it a try.  Try it for up to 15 days of your receipt of the product.  If, thus supplied, you try it and do not find it suitable, then paragraph 9, reproduced above, provides the return policy you have questioned.  If the seat cannot work to your desire, we want you to be able to return it no questions asked under the Return Policy for refund.
We hope this is helpful to you in your decision making process.

11. Hi my dad has been suffering with pain for quite a while from pressure on the sciatica nerve. I would like to get him to try one of your cushions but you do not allow returns after opening.  We have tried many things and spent a lot of time and money to help him.  Is there some way to try your product before purchasing it?  We just want to make sure that such a purchase would give him relief.

Please know that we have every hope a customer will try the product out thoroughly before feeling the item is at last their own.  For this reason, we ship the Sciata® Seats boxed and within the box the seat itself is wrapped in plastic easily allowing one to give the seat a good test run before opening the plastic.  The Return Policy can be viewed by clicking on the link at the bottom of any page on the site, or by refering to our Terms and Conditions. The policy allows customers to return the product for no reason at all if within the terms of the policy; just leave the seat in its plastic and use it to be sure the purchase is good for your family, and most especially your Dad.  If your Dad says it is not right for him, then just follow the Return Policy for a full refund.

12. Hello. I am wondering why you do not provide images of the interior of the cushion if that is what makes it great.

You may also find this rendered image of the layered foam design under the Sciata® Seating System drop down menu by clicking on the tab entitled About Sciata® Seating System.  The seat is a patented design utilizing multiple density foams to construct each of the contoured foundation and the top layer.  The image listed is the SL version of the seat showing an asymmetrical placement of the Troff, while the CX version is of similar orientation to the SL with the Troff centered on the seat.  The 1st Generation SL and CX are each dimensioned at 10 3/4 by 14 by 2 1/4 inches.  The 2nd Generation SL and CX are each dimensioned at 10 3/4 x 12 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches.  The 1st and 2nd Generation DL is dimensioned at 10 3/4 by 10 3/4 by 2 1/4 inches upon which the Troff is centered.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to comment.

13. Is there a store close by where I can go and try the different cushions before purchasing?

Thank you for your question and for your interest in giving the product a try.  Our products are available only via our internet store and deliverable only within the United States, however, we carefully package the seating system to allow for a thorough trial, and simple returns. Please refer to our Return Policy for instructions on how to return the seating system.

14. Is there anywhere nearby in a store where I can try one of these before purchasing?

Our marketing model is internet based, and we do not have store placements of any of our products. In the meantime, you are welcome to order products online through the store, and if it does not work out, return it under the Return Policy for refund.

15. I was wondering if my insurance would pay for this?

Unfortunately, we have no arrangements with insurance companies. We do not know and cannot speculate on their response to you.

16. I don't understand why my credit is not valid? I tried 2 cards already.

We are sorry the credit purchase is giving trouble to you today.  Our system is usually functional, since most transactions do process successfully.

There are possibilities which come to mind which you might try to complete your purchase, for the system is built with care to assure proper use of credit information [which, by the way is not passed along to Inspri]:

1.  Make sure the card holder name is complete and accurately entered.
2.  Make sure the billing address on file with the card company is complete and accurately entered.
3.  Verify the accuracy of the card number as it is entered along with its expiration date.
4.  Verify the accuracy of the card security code [the CCV] shown on your card.
5.  Make sure you are using one of the three cards our company accepts: Visa, MasterCard, or Discover
6. If none of the previous suggestions help, please consider completing payment using PayPal. They accept a wide range of payment options, and the Paypal option is integrated into our checkout process.
7. Finally, if all other payment methods are exhausted and you still cannot make the purchase, please call Customer Care at 720-205-1681.  We do not commonly accept orders via telephone because it would mean people would desire to give us their personal information such as credit card numbers or bank account information for a direct draw, but we have processed orders on the basis of the receipt of a money order in cases where customers had unusual circumstances.  Using a money order keeps your sensitive financial information undisclosed, and we feel safe as well.  If it sounds acceptable to you, this could be a last resort method of payment for you.

17. Can you please send me more information on your product?

We would happily send more information regarding the product; however, since the website pages are so full of information, we do not know what more you would desire.  The only truly relevant information omitted is the size specifications of the products which follow:

The 1st and 2nd Generation DL is dimensioned at 10 3/4 by 10 3/4 by 2 1/4 inches
The 1st Generation SL and CX are each dimensioned at 10 3/4 by 14 by 2 1/4 inches
The 2nd Generation SL and CX are each dimensioned at 10 3/4 x 12 1/2 x 2 1/4 inches

Additionally, the Executive Black fabric covering is a ponte knit machine washable fabric while the Regal Blue fabric is not machine washable, but may be sponged clean all declared according to the care instructions and the content declaring law tags sewn into the covers.  The products are only purchasable online through the online store.  The products are protected by patents both filed and pending and the trademarks are federally registered.  The company, Inspri, LLC is registered with the Federal Trade Commission and licensed throughout the U.S. where licenses are pertinent.  If you are online and wish to see fully the Terms and Conditions of sale and the Return Policy, each are accessible through the links at the bottom of the site, all of which is printable on your computer. No customer may purchase without accepting the Terms and Conditions prior to entering the transaction pages.  Payments are accepted online via the listed credit cards and PayPal.

We will mail one of our brochures to you if you provide an address you specified, although the brochure is not an information full item, and truly directs a potential customer to view the website via its URL www.insprico.com. You can contact us via the Contact Form.

18. Can I please have a copy of your instructions for using the Sciata® Seating System?

Sure, click here to read them (right click, select "save link as" to download)